If the professions related to design and applied arts tempt you, the global eco-responsible Bachelor Design should interest you. Would you like to know more about this “green” oriented course, for example the detailed program and admission procedures? Here is everything you need to know.

Bachelor’s degree, highly valued degree

With the renovation of the Applied Arts program started in September 2018 and the disappearance of the MANAA and progressively all BTS in applied arts, trainee courses such as the Bachelor baccalaureate, attract more and more students. While many schools now offer Bachelors in Design and other professional titles in Applied Arts, the global eco-responsible Bachelor Design is prepared in a single establishment in France, at the Autograf School of Paris. According to Yves Daubert, in charge of this training, “this Bachelor aims to prepare creative professionals who operate in the context of sustainable development and ecodesign. The global eco-responsible designer (DGER) adopts a global professional practice because it does not focus on a specific creative mode (architecture, object design, graphic design, visual communication …). This multidisciplinary approach makes it possible to design and implement solutions adapted to the complex issues of our society. “

Content of the Bachelor Design Global Eco-Responsible

Ignazio Mottola, another trainer within this curriculum, returns in more detail on the content of the training: “After a first general year, focused on a practical and methodical approach, students develop in the second year, a reflection on ecodesign-specific topics in a theoretical and practical way through workshops focused on 1 to 2 weeks. Topics covered include collaborative economics, ecology, sustainability, product lifecycle, manufacturing processes … “

Among the objectives of this specialized training: to approach the design in a global way, by favoring the transversality and the dialogue between the different fields of the design and the possibilities offered by the new technologies, having always in mind the constraints of economic sustainability , respect for the environment and multi-media adaptability.

This global design approach considers both the brand, the product, its design, its packaging, its graphic and digital communication, the production process, the cost and the environmental impact of its manufacture and its distribution method.

The role of the global eco-responsible designer is above all to propose solutions that are firmly in line with the preservation of the planet’s resources and the reduction of waste.

The 3 years of Bachelor will be punctuated by mandatory internships and may also be followed, for the 2nd and 3rd year alternately, which is rare for a school of applied arts.

You want to make a bachelor eco-responsible global design?

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How to integrate the global eco-responsible Bachelor Design?

To integrate this training, you must hold a Bac, regardless of the sector. The admission then takes place on examination of a file and interview. Holders of a BTS Design or diploma level bac + 3, can enter directly in 2nd or 3rd year.

Continuation of studies after a global eco-responsible Bachelor Design

The global eco-responsible designer can lead a responsible creative studio, work in an architecture, communication, industrial design agency, be part of or lead the team that deals with the social responsibility of the company. enterprise (CSR) in any industrial sector or services.

He can also continue his studies and prepare a Master’s degree (Bac +5 level) eg Artistic Director in Graphic Design and Interior Designer Architect taught at Autograf.

Focus on the project of a student of this Bachelor who was awarded the zero waste design contest

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